ICYMI: PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio Op-Ed in Philadelphia Inquirer – Republican party needs a new contract with America

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday ran an Op-Ed from PA GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio outlining a new message from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

Here are a few excerpts from the piece:

To become a true majority party, we must hold fast to our founding principles and we must demonstrate to the nation that we care not just about deficits, building a wall and rule of law — all of which are important — but that we have ideas worthy of the mantle of leadership.

And we must have an agenda for all Americans.

It’s time for the Republican Party to deliver a message our own brand of effective compassion.


We need a new contract with America – a new promise. We must be the Party that supports effective programs dedicated to urban America, job training, educational choice and opportunity, and policies that support the dignity of work.


In the White House, President Donald Trump has thankfully given us a lot to work with as we seek to broaden our message. The successes of his administration and Republican leadership have done more than just provide tax reform, but have taken real steps to make government work for those long left behind by the political establishment.

By prioritizing things like school choice that helps students find an education environment that works for them, Economic Opportunity Zones that seek to provide long-term investment in low-income communities, overdue criminal justice reform that takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and paid family leave that facilitates more opportunity for working families, the President is doing a lot for those living in our urban and suburban communities.

It’s up to us to help tell that story.


We must not lose our way — and our Party — by allowing internecine personal politics to triumph.

If we achieve that unity, the Republican Party in Pennsylvania and across the country can — and will — become a true governing, majority party.

With that mission, we can truly be one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


The full Op-Ed may be read HERE or by clicking on the image above.

The Op-Ed is also scheduled to run in print editions of the paper on Sunday.