Statement of Former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh on the death of President George H. W. Bush

“Ginny and I extend our sincere condolences and prayers to the Bush family. Few individuals in public life have possessed such admirable personal qualities as George H.W. Bush.  He was an intelligent, thoughtful and decent human being, loyal to those who served with him, and I cannot imagine a higher honor than being his Attorney General. His handwritten notes and timely phone calls have become legendary and exemplified his heartfelt consideration for others in times of need.

“President Bush brought remarkable experience and steady leadership as the United States shouldered new global responsibilities following the end of the Cold War. It was my privilege to act as his point man on the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the most important piece of civil rights legislation of the last half century. The President’s personal commitment to guaranteeing equal opportunity for children and adults with disabilities reflected his compassion and dedication to the rule of law. 

“President Bush’s integrity, kindness and strength will long be remembered.”