ICYMI: Even Democrats believe Bob Casey’s Presidential ambitions exceed his talent

While the Bob Casey for President team was in full court press mode Monday, reporters, Democratic strategists, and commentators seemed to agree Pennsylvania’s do-nothing Senator is on a foolhardy errand in seeking to boost his profile by aspiring to the world’s most powerful office.

As reported yesterday by the Associated Press:

“Mike Mikus, a Pennsylvania-based Democratic campaign strategist, said that it is difficult to see a path to primary victory for Casey…”

Mikus isn’t the only one.

In a Monday column for the Philadelphia Daily News, John Baer threw some cold water on Bob Casey’s Presidential aspirations:

“The idea of Democrats nominating an antiabortion presidential candidate, even one less antiabortion (if there is such a thing) than when he first was elected to the Senate in 2006, seems more than a tad far-fetched.

Plus, given a growing field of candidates (current count’s around three dozen), many with a national base and access to major funding, a Casey play for the top of the ticket is, as one of his longtime allies put it, ‘just like playing the lottery.’”

In that same column, Rebecca Katz a strategist for the far-left of the Democrat Party—to which Casey seems more and more beholden—added her thoughts on the futile nature of a Casey run, for either President or Vice-President:

“When I ask if Casey for VP helps Democrats, Katz says, ‘No. You know what’s not going to help Dems turn out in 2020? An anti-choice white male political legacy.’”

For further consideration for any reporting on Bob Casey’s Presidential aspirations, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania laid out extensively during the 2018 campaign Bob Casey’s pro-choice, anti-Second Amendment, and obstructionist-laden viewpoints that make him the wrong choice for Pennsylvania and for the country.