Madeleine Dean needs to answer for her family’s tie to corrupt Chinese businesses

At a press conference Tuesday, PA-04 Republican Congressional nominee Dan David laid out several ties to Democrat nominee Madeleine Dean’s family business connection to Chinese companies tied to corruption, fraud, and sweatshops.

Meanwhile, Dean, who failed to disclose income from these companies in an initial ethics filing, has had to amend her reports, but has yet to answer for her family business’s deep ties to these corrupt Chinese companies. In the meantime, she has only addressed these allegations to the media and the voters through her legal representatives.

She also must be made to answer for how she can advocate for things like a higher minimum wage while her family has ties to sweatshops and how she can call for higher taxes while her business ties use off-shore tax havens to skirt paying rightfully-owed tax money.

As a result of the recent news about Dean’s shady business ties, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“Madeleine Dean needs to come out of hiding and explain how corrupt Chinese companies are influencing her bottom line and, potentially, her campaign.

“By being tied to these corrupt companies that operate sweatshops and utilize off-shore tax havens, Madeleine Dean has hypocritically worked to seek a higher minimum wage and increase business taxes.”