PA-10 Democrat George Scott wants to end Medicare as we know it, make transformative change in the size of the federal government

PA-10 Democrat nominee for Congress, George Scott, wants to end Medicare as we know it.

In a May 8, 2018 interview with WITF, George Scott was quoted as saying:

“In the long run, I think the end-state Is to move toward something that looks like a single-payer plan.”

George Scott is calling for moving toward a government-run single-payer health care model that studies have shown will create “a transformative change in the size of the federal government” as a federal bureaucracy will be the main arbiter of even the most minor of personal health care decisions.

Even more to the point, George Scott has defended the proposed system’s payment model as advocated by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, which will increase federal government taxes by $32 trillion over a ten year period.

That means an increase in the personal federal taxes paid by the average household by $24,000 per year.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman, made the following statement:

“By advocating for a government-run single-payer healthcare system, George Scott is proving that, if elected, he will go to Congress to be another obstructionist-first liberal Democrat that would rather side with the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Bernie Sanders, than stand up for the taxpayers of central Pennsylvania.

“George Scott wants to insert the federal government into American lives in a way never before contemplated, all the while robbing them of their hard-earned money and personal freedom.”