Republican Party of Pennsylvania opens Lansdale field office, makes 4 millionth Pennsylvania voter contact

Saturday, Pennsylvania Republican candidates and political leaders gathered in Lansdale to celebrate the opening of the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s Lansdale field office and to make the 4 millionth Pennsylvania voter contact of the 2018 election cycle.

Speaking at the event, Republican Lt. Governor nominee Jeff Bartos noted the importance of the Republican field program in getting out the message and encouraging people to vote for Republican candidates like himself and Gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner.

“Having an office like the one in Lansdale as a local headquarters for the state Republican field plan is critical in ensuring people know the message of the candidates up and down the ticket,” he said.

“Having a robust ground game is critical in any election and it’s the work of staff and volunteers that make the difference in getting people out to vote and winning elections.”

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio discussed the strength of the Republican ground game in Pennsylvania, pointing out that 40 field staffers across the state—in addition to Republican state committee members, county committees, and volunteers—are working to tell voters about the Republican message.

“With Pennsylvania Republican Party field staffers across the commonwealth making voter contacts utilizing our state of the art data system, we are working hard to get the message out about Republican candidates up and down the ticket,” he said.

“The Republican field program is unparalleled and we will do what it takes to ensure every effort is put forward to tell voters about every race, every candidate, and every issue to help them make their decision as Election Day approaches.”

Montgomery County Republican Committee Chairwoman Liz Preate Havey pointed out having a Pennsylvania Republican Party field office in a place like Lansdale is critically important for races in the Philadelphia suburbs.

“Communities like the one here in Lansdale can and will be the deciding factor in state and local races,” she said.

“Having an office like this will ensure that voters are informed and ready to vote for Republicans in November.”

Also participating in Saturday’s event was Young Republican National Federation Chairman Jason Emert, Pennsylvania Young Republican Chairman Rick Loughery, State Sen. Bob Mensch, and candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Andy Szekely .