PRESS RELEASE: Scott Wagner’s education policy shows commitment to Pennsylvania students, changing the way state government does business

Thursday, Republican Gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner unveiled his education platform.

The plan prioritizes school investment by putting $1 billion into the classroom without raising taxes. It also shows a commitment to student and teacher success, school safety, educational opportunity, and providing students with career-ready skills.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio, made the following statement:

“Scott’s education plan shows he is committed to not only investing in students, but also changing the way state government does business.

“Voters in Pennsylvania have a distinct choice in their decision for Governor and Lt. Governor as it relates to education: Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos – who will invest $1 billion in education without raising taxes and prioritize student and teacher success or Tom Wolf and John Fetterman – who either want to cut $1.2 billion from rural and already-struggling schools or raise taxes by the billions to fund their education plan.

“I look forward to working with Scott and Jeff in the coming months to tell Pennsylvania voters about this great plan and how it will set Pennsylvania students on a path to success.”