PRESS RELEASE: PA GOP successfully appeals Wolf’s denial of redistricting open record request

Last week, the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records partially ruled in favor of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, which appealed to the office after a Wolf administration denial of an open records request relating to the administration’s map-making expert in the development of the current, unconstitutionally-developed Congressional map.

As a result, the Wolf administration has been ordered to turn over the subject records to the Republican Party of Pennsylvania within 30 days or serve notice of an appeal to Commonwealth Court.

The full final determination can be found HERE.

In response, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Jason Gottesman made the following statement:

“While the Governor has no trouble touting his transparency credentials, this determination is the latest in a line of the Wolf administration being called out for trying to improperly hide behind the law to keep rightfully public records secret.

“We call on the Wolf administration to not waste more taxpayer dollars in fighting for secrecy, and instead, immediately release the documents in question.

“If the Governor has nothing to hide, his administration should have no problem complying with the Office of Open Records’ order.”



The Republican Party of Pennsylvania has previously made note of Tom Wolf’s lack of transparency in a memo that can be found HERE.