PRESS RELEASE: Republican Party of Pennsylvania Comments on Budget Passage

Friday, the Pennsylvania General Assembly—led by historically large Republican majorities—sent to the Governor’s desk a no-tax increase spending plan ahead of the June 30th budget deadline.

The budget was balanced without new taxes due to a booming economy and historic job growth as a result of Republican-led middle class tax cuts.

In response to the budget’s passage, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Val DiGiorgio made the following statement:

“Republicans in the General Assembly have once again successfully worked to send the Governor a budget that respects taxpayers while moving Pennsylvania ahead in key areas that will ensure our streets are safer and our children are better prepared for the economy of the future.

“While the Governor has failed to sign a budget in his first three years in office, any approval he gives to this spending document comes on the heels of Republican leadership in passing spending plans that have held the line on taxes and put Pennsylvania on a path to present-day economic prosperity.

“Make no mistake, if it were not for Republican leadership in standing up to Tom Wolf, Pennsylvanians would be still dealing with the effects of the largest tax increase in Pennsylvania history, a growing budget deficit fueled by an insatiable appetite for spending, and an increasingly stagnated economy.

“In the coming months, we will exhaust every effort to elect Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos, who are true champions of the taxpayer and will continue to work toward greater fiscal accountability, educational opportunities, and government reform.”