PRESS RELEASE: Conor Lamb has failed to live up to his district’s values

Conor Lamb, who is the featured speaker at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Summer Dinner Friday, has failed to live up to his district’s values and, instead, has supported Nancy Pelosi’s legislative agenda in nearly 90 percent of the votes he’s made.

In his Special Election effort Lamb expressed moderate platitudes and tried to distance himself from a radical liberal agenda like that being pushed by U.S. House Democrats.

In fact, he was quoted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as saying: “It’s more about the fact that I expect leaders to get results, and the result of our Congressional leadership has been to have people in the district dissatisfied with their performance.”

However, his voting record since his time in Washington, D.C. began has shown he is just a typical liberal in lock step with the same Democratic leadership he admitted his constituents abhor.

Recently, Lamb supported Pelosi in voting against newly-enacted Right-To-Try legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to seek out potentially life-saving treatments without having to go through onerous red tape.

In response to Lamb’s appearance, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Director of Communications Jason Gottesman made the following statement:

“Conor Lamb has shown he can’t be trusted to respect the moderate views of Pennsylvanians and follow through on his promises to not support Democratic Party bosses like Nancy Pelosi.

“If he supports the liberals almost 90 percent of the time, especially on life-saving measures like Right-to-Try, where will it end?”