ICYMI: Newsworks: U.S. Rep. Meehan Sounds Alarm On Voter Registration Fraud In DelCo

Republicans in Delaware County, Pennsylvania say they’re concerned about a batch of voter registration forms collected and submitted to the state by FieldWorks LLC, a national grassroots organization with links to the Democratic Party.

At a press conference in Media on Thursday, Republican U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan laid out what he and other county officials see as evidence of a “criminal conspiracy.” He alleged that several thousand registration forms might need to be tossed because they have an “infirmity.” Meehan said some were turned in after the state’s filing deadline, while others have fake addresses.

“Where people are legitimately registered to vote, they ought to be able to vote,” said Meehan steps inside the Delaware County Government Center.

“But we also have rules, because rules apply to everyone. And you can’t have two sets of rules — one for every other Pennsylvanian and those that are set because you’re a favored group part of the Democratic National Committee.”

It’s unclear who hired FieldWorks to help register voters in Delaware County.

Police were in Norwood searching for evidence of “tampering with public records or information,” according to a warrant provided by the state Attorney General’s Office.

The office would not confirm or deny that it was investigating FieldWorks.

A spokesman for FieldWorks said the company is confident that all forms were delivered on time.

In a statement, the Pennsylvania Department of State said when it “forwards any voter applications to the counties, we attest to the fact that they were either postmarked or delivered in person by the registration deadline. If they were not timely received or postmarked, we would not send them to any county. The Department of State received voter registrations from FieldWorks by the deadline and, in accordance with the Department’s usual procedures, sent timely received registrations to the appropriate counties for processing, including Delaware County.”

The Delaware County Voter Registration Commission, a bipartisan board, has a hearing scheduled on Friday to determine whether the forms were filed on time.

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