Wolf Administration Attacks Election Volunteers

Wolf Administration Tries to Intimidate Poll Watchers For More Election Secrecy

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Wolf Administration’s recent comments regarding the federal lawsuit filed by the PA GOP and citizens of the Commonwealth. The suit aims to bolster public confidence in elections by allowing poll watchers to perform their duties in every precinct in the Commonwealth.

“Governor Wolf’s attack on Pennsylvanians who serve as volunteer poll watchers is disgraceful,” Gleason said. “Poll watchers have been a part of Pennsylvania’s election process for nearly 75 years. The citizens who choose to serve as poll watchers – regardless of party – play an important role in open and transparent elections. This lawsuit seeks to allow poll watchers the ability to perform their duty in any county in the Commonwealth with proper documentation. It is to open the process for all political parties and candidates. Nevertheless, Tom Wolf has chosen to demonize Pennsylvania citizens who are active in the election process.

“Tom Wolf is trying to turn this lawsuit into a partisan issue by launching baseless and awful vitriol against hard-working Pennsylvanians and his response only further deepens questions around his administration’s pattern of partisan and secret dealings. The Wolf Administration owes an apology to every person who donates their time to serve as a poll watcher for any party or candidate in our great Commonwealth.”