PA GOP Chairman Gleason: Close The Clinton Foundation

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s continued refusal to shut down the Clinton Foundation despite numerous reports of conflicts of interests and controversial donations.

“Hillary Clinton is a career politician who will do anything for her political ambition,” Gleason said. “As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation was the means for unethical business with shady individuals and organizations. Whether it was placing donors on sensitive national security boards, getting donors jobs or sending government funds to contributors, Hillary Clinton’s brand of politics as usual used the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund for her closest political friends and allies. In fact, it seems like every day we learn about another layer of scandal.

“Americans shouldn’t have to worry that foreign entities are paying for access to the highest levels of government. Hillary Clinton’s decision to keep the Clinton Foundation open for foreign business while serving as America’s top diplomat serves as further evidence that she will always put her own self-interests ahead of the country.

“It is time for Hillary Clinton to put an end to this ridiculous saga and close the Clinton Foundation immediately.”