ICYMI: Media Roundup: More Obamacare Problems in Pennsylvania

“Obamacare is continue to costing Pennsylvanians their jobs, separating patients from their doctors, and causing their premiums to skyrocket. That Hillary Clinton believes the answer to our health care crisis is more Obamacare shows just how out of touch she’s become with the actual needs of Pennsylvania families.” – PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney


Inquirer Headline

“Aetna Inc.’s decision to withdraw from Affordable Care Act exchanges in Pennsylvania and 10 other states means that Independence Blue Cross will be the only major firm offering individual plans for 2017 to Southeastern Pennsylvania residents.”



“Thousands of Lancaster County residents will have to choose from fewer, more expensive health plans next year as another large national health insurer drops out of the marketplace set up by President Barack Obama’s landmark health care law.

“Citizen-advocacy group Put People First! PA warned that Aetna’s exit will add ‘an extra dose of stress and confusion’ for customers… Pennsylvania regulators won’t release the number of plans available for 2017 until November, but in all likelihood, county residents will have fewer plans to choose from.

“And premiums are going up: Highmark is seeking premium hikes averaging 48 percent, 41 percent for Geisinger and up to 27 percent for Capital BlueCross.”


MCall Headline

“Aetna announced its decision to withdraw from Pennsylvania’s marketplace as the state’s Insurance Department is reviewing insurers’ proposed rate hikes. Most insurers are pressing for double-digit increases.”


PPG headline

“… Aetna now joins a growing list of insurers, including UnitedHealthcare earlier this year, that are pulling back from the Affordable Care Act’s signature program as the costs for covering the care for new marketplace enrollees outpace insurers’ revenue from premiums.”


Newsworks Headline

“The company, which has approximately 31,000 individual policyholders in Pennsylvania, said it has lost $430 million by selling health plans through the insurance exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act. It follows in the footsteps of UnitedHealth Group and Humana, which also announced plans to cut back their participation in the exchanges.”