Media Roundup: Desperate Candidate Katie McGinty Calls U.S. Senator An “A******”

“Katie McGinty is doing anything she can to gain attention for her failing campaign. Katie McGinty knows that Pennsylvanians are rejecting her extreme positions on sanctuary cities and the failed Iran deal, so she’s decided to pivot to baseless name-calling in an attempt to stay relevant. Pennsylvanians deserve better than Katie McGinty.” – PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney


Inquirer Headline

“Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty called her Republican opponent “an a–hole” while at a labor union event Monday at the Democratic National Convention…”I might borrow from Chris’ speech there in terms of Pat Toomey — he’s an a–hole dammit,” McGinty said to laughter and applause.”


ap headline

“Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Katie McGinty is apologizing for using an expletive to describe her Republican opponent, Pat Toomey, in Pennsylvania’s closely watched race… McGinty’s campaign released a statement Monday quoting her saying she regrets the language she used and apologizes to Toomey. The Toomey campaign replied on Twitter that it accepted the apology. It noted that her campaign chairman, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, once called Toomey ‘a man of uncommon decency.’”

Philly Voice

Roll Call headline

“The United States Senate race in Pennsylvania has been a hotly contested affair so far, but some colorful language was added to the mix on Monday.”


Washington Times Headline

“The National Republican Senate Committee said Ms. McGinty should be pulled from her slot as a scheduled speaker Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention.”

Washington Free Beacon

Free Beacon Headline

“Other reporters covering the union event confirmed the crude remark. The decision to call Toomey an “a******” is a noticeable change in direction from how Pennsylvania Democrats have treated Toomey in the past.

Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who is both McGinty’s campaign chairman and chairman of the DNC host committee, has said that ‘you don’t have to demonize your opponent.’‘You don’t have to demonize your opponent,’ said Rendell. ‘I’ve said Pat Toomey, the senator here, is a decent guy. I like Pat Toomey and I think he wants to do the right thing.’

Rendell has also said that Toomey is ‘a man of uncommon decency.’”