More Dems in Disarray: Desperate Candidate Calls Pat Toomey an “A******” in Weak Attempt to Make News

HARRISBURG – Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Katie McGinty’s recent comments about Pat Toomey.

While at a union event today, Katie McGinty said, “I think I might borrow from Chris’ speech there in terms of Pat Toomey. He’s an a******, dammit. We know that.”

“Katie McGinty’s desperation is showing,” Sweeney said. “Katie McGinty’s campaign is a mess, so she’s resorting to low-brow shock tactics to try to gain some attention. Katie McGinty’s desperation is leading her to embarrass herself in front of the state and national media.

“The fact of the matter is that Pennsylvania voters don’t want to vote for someone who supported taxes on everything from diapers and day care to nursing home care and caskets. In fact, the only reason Katie McGinty won the Democrat nomination was because the system was rigged in her favor.

“Katie McGinty can call people names, but Pat Toomey will remain focused on fighting for Pennsylvanians.”

McGinty Campaign Chairman Ed Rendell on Pat Toomey:

“You don’t have to demonize your opponent. I’ve said Pat Toomey, the Senator here, is a decent guy. I like Pat Toomey and I think he wants to do the right thing.” (Ed Rendell, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, 7/24/2016)

“‘I’m working on him,’ Rendell said then of Toomey. ‘I’m trying to teach him, because I think he’s a man of uncommon decency and a man who wants the process to work.’” (Robert J. Vickers, “Gun proposal elevates Toomey to PA’s most valuable political asset: analysis,” Harrisburg Patriot-News, 4/10/2013)