PA GOP Delegates Elect Delegate Chairman, Committee Representatives

Delegates, Alternate Delegates Officially Named

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania’s 71 delegates to the Republican National Convention held elections for a number of leadership positions for the upcoming event in Cleveland, including the role of Delegate Chairman, during a meeting at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey on Saturday.

“Pennsylvania’s Republican delegates are excited to show our support for Donald Trump in Cleveland,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason said. “While Democrats are stumbling into Hillary Clinton’s pre-planned coronation ceremony in July, Republicans in the Keystone State are focused on welcoming tens of thousands of former Democrats into our Party. Donald Trump has a strong base of support throughout Pennsylvania, and we’re ready to show the world our enthusiasm for our presidential candidate next month.”

The full list of Republican National Convention Committee Representatives is below:

Delegation Chairman

Rob Gleason

Permanent Organization Committee

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus selects a number of convention officers, including the Permanent and Temporary Chairmen, the Secretary and the Sergeant-at-Arms. The Permanent Organization Committee will meet at the beginning of the convention to review the slate and make its recommendation to the convention.

Ash Khare

Gloria Lee Snover

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee will receive the credentials of each delegate filed in accordance with the Rules and submit the temporary roll of the convention, which will have been previously reviewed by the RNC. The Credentials Committee may hear and resolve appeals to the ruling of any contest adjudicated by the RNC Committee on Contests, as to the seating of delegates to the convention.

Andrew Reilly

Pat Poprik

Platform Committee

As part of the Republican National Convention, the Platform Committee – comprised of one man and one woman from each state and territory – will meet to outline the core principles and values of the Republican Party.

James McErlane

Carol Sides

Rules Committee

The RNC Rules Committee has been reviewing and modifying the Rules of the Republican Party for the past three years. These amendments will be presented to the RNC and then to the Convention Rules Committee, which will review these changes and propose final Rules, as amended, for adoption by the convention.

Joyce Haas

Lawrence Tabas

The full list of Convention delegates is as follows:


Republican National Committee Members

PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason

Republican National Committeeman Bob Asher

Republican National Committeewoman Christine Toretti


First Congressional District


Dave Hackett

Seth Kaufer

Christopher Vogler


Alternate Delegates

Fred Anton

Carolina Harris

Megan Rath

Second Congressional District


Aaron Cohen

Elizabeth Havey

Calvin Tucker

Alternate Delegates

Denise  Furey

Lewis Gould, Jr.

Justice Sandra Newman


Third Congressional District


Phil English

Lynne Ryan

Robert Yates

Alternate Delegates

Michael Baker

Marci Mustello


Fourth Congressional District


Matthew Jansen

Joe Sacco

Marc Scaringi

Alternate Delegates

Charles Gerow

Betsy Hower

Edwin Matthias


Fifth Congressional District


Ash Khare

James Klein

Arnold McClure

Alternate Delegates

Justin Gallagher

Sheila Sterrett


Sixth Congressional District


Wayne Buckwalter

Congressman Ryan Costello

Mary Elizabeth Wert

Alternate Delegates

Neill Kling

Thomas Neafcy

Seventh Congressional District


Joan Miller

Michael Puppio

Robert Willert


Alternate Delegates

Arthur Bustard

Nicholas DeBenedictis

Colin Hanna

Eighth Congressional District


Barry Casper

Commissioner Robert Loughery

Jim Worthington


Alternate Delegates

Jay Moyer

Janet Smith

Robert  Tomlinson


Ninth Congressional District


Congressman Bill Shuster

Debbie Taylor

State Representative Judy Ward


Alternate Delegates

Bruce Kelley

August C. Stickel


 Tenth Congressional District


State Representative Tina Pickett

State Senator Mario Scavello

Carol Sides


Alternate Delegates

Elizabeth Greenaway

Irene Harris

Jonathan Hayes


 Eleventh Congressional District


David McElwee

Rick Morelli

Andrew Shecktor

Alternate Delegates

Maria Haste

Donald  J. Ely


Twelfth Congressional District


Monica Morrill

Jeff Steigerwalt

James Vasilko


Alternate Delegates

Jill Cooper

Michael McMullen


Thirteenth Congressional District


Lauren Casper

Gil Cox

Tom Ellis


Alternate Delegates

Gary Grisafi

Camille McColgan

Daniel Tinney

Fourteenth Congressional District


Mike Devanney

Cameron Linton

Mary Ann Meloy


Alternate Delegates

Kimberly Mack

Andrew Maul

Mallory Ruhling

Fifteenth Congressional District


Patrick Kerwin

John Reber

Scott Uehlinger


Alternate Delegates

Bernadette Comfort

Glenn Eckhart

Sixteenth Congressional District


Doug Brubaker

Gordon Denlinger

David Dumeyer


Alternate Delegates

Thomas Jones

Richard Loughery

Richard Shellenberger

Seventeenth Congressional District


Carolyn Bonkoski

Gloria Lee Snover

Lynette Villano


Alternate Delegates

Paul DeFabo

Mary Beth Dougherty

Thomas Whitehead

Eighteenth Congressional District


Justin DePlato

John Petrarca

Thomas Uram


Alternate Delegates

Laura Schisler

John Wink



Congressman Lou Barletta

George Fisher

Chris Gleason

Joyce Haas

Dave Majernik

Congressman Tom Marino

James McErlane

Pat Poprik

Andrew Reilly

PA Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati

Matthias Shaner

Lawrence Tabas

Speaker of the House Mike Turzai

Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh

Alternate Delegates

Mary Barket

Luke Bernstein

Donna Cosmello

Councilman Sam DeMarco

Jeanne Gleason

Doug Hager

Congressman Mike Kelly

Pam Levy

House Majority Leader Dave Reed

Pat Saylor

Alexandra Smith

Richard Stewart

State Senator Scott Wagner

Katherine Wood-Jacobs