PA GOP Files Federal Election Complaint Regarding McGinty Campaign’s Coordination With Outside Groups

HARRISBURG — Katie McGinty’s campaign admitted to illegally coordinating millions of dollars in independent expenditures, according to a complaint filed by Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney today.

The complaint addresses recent comments made by McGinty campaign chairman Ed Rendell in Politico’s “Morning Score” in which he detailed a plan by liberal special interest group EMILY’s List to spend “at least $2 million on television, with some of the cash coming from the League of Conservation Voters.” Rendell also said “EMILY’s List would be placed in charge of the pro-McGinty independent expenditure operation.” EMILY’s List has publicly pledged to spend $1 million on McGinty’s campaign, and the League of Conservation Voters has not announced any plans for the race.

“Katie McGinty’s campaign chairman blatantly discussed coordinating with outside groups in violation of election laws,” Sweeney said. “Ed Rendell has spent weeks begging for money for Katie McGinty’s struggling campaign, and now it looks like her campaign chairman will do anything to get her elected.”

The complaint, which lists Katie McGinty for Senate, EMILY’s List, Women Vote!, the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, the League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund, and the League of Conservation Voters, Inc. as respondents, can be read in its entirety here.