Tom Wolf: Just Ignore My $3 Billion Cut To Education

“America’s Most Liberal Governor” Claims to Support More Funding for Schools
After Vetoing $3 Billion in December

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Governor Tom Wolf’s latest attempt to divert attention away from his $3 billion cut to education.

“Tom Wolf has single-handedly cut $3 billion from education during this budget crisis, and no amount of press conferences will change that fact,” Sweeney said. “For the past seven months, Tom Wolf has decided to hold our students hostage in exchange for the largest tax hikes in the nation. As a result of Tom Wolf’s actions, Pennsylvania schools are spending $50 million in loan interests instead of sending those funds to the classroom.

“Tom Wolf wants everybody to disregard about his shameful actions during this budget crisis, but Pennsylvania schools can’t afford to forget. No amount of rhetoric from Governor Tom Wolf can hide his $3 billion cut to education.”