Hillary And McGinty: Partners In Lying

When it comes to lying about campaign contributions, it looks like Hillary Clinton is taking a page out of the Katie McGinty playbook.

Over the past week, both Katie McGinty and Hillary Clinton lied on camera about accepting campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry.

While Hillary made her dubious claim yesterday afternoon, McGinty has stood by her misrepresentation for most of the week.

You can see the video of Hillary’s deceit below; you can watch McGinty lying HERE.

Katie McGinty’s Distorts Ties to the Oil and Gas Industry

On Sunday, Katie McGinty Claimed She Had Not Received Any Campaign Contributions From The Oil And Gas Industries. Debate Moderator Paul Klein: “The question is, have you accepted or received the endorsement or have you accepted any campaign contributions from the following organizations: The National Rifle Association, Pennsylvania’s LIFE PAC, and the oil and gas industries…How about these three?” McGinty: “No.” (U.S. Senate Candidate Forum, Carnegie Mellon University, 1/31/2016)

  • McGinty’s Response Caused One Democrat Opponent To Exclaim “Oil and Gas, Really?” In Response “Candidates Joe Sestak and John Fetterman both denied receiving backing from any of those interests, touting their grassroots appeal. When it came her turn to answer, Ms. McGinty launched into a discussion of the support she’d garnered from local Democratic leaders, unions, and environmental groups. ‘How about these three?’ moderator Paul Klein asked. Ms. McGinty answered ‘No,’ prompting Mr. Fetterman to say ‘oil and gas, really?’” (Chris Potter, “Did McGinty Blow Smoke On Fossil-Fuel Support?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/1/16)

However, “Ms. McGinty’s Contributors Do Include People Who Have Ties To Fossil-Fuel Extraction.” “Still, Ms. McGinty’s contributors do include people who have ties to fossil-fuel extraction. Most obviously, she received $5,400 last summer from the head of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which operates an oil refinery in Philadelphia. And while she didn’t receive support from, say, the American Gas Association’s political committee, she did take $250 from a vice president there. Other contributors work at utility companies that provide natural gas to customers, even if they don’t pull the fuel from the ground itself.” (Chris Potter, “Did McGinty Blow Smoke On Fossil-Fuel Support?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/1/16)

  • Katie McGinty Has Received Nearly $20,000 In Campaign Contributions From The Oil And Gas Industries.” America Rising, an opposition-research group with strong Republican ties, was also incredulous. “[E]stablishment favorite Katie McGinty lied” in answering the question, the group contended in a statement today. Ms. McGinty’s most recent campaign-finance report “shows at least 17 donations from executives and employees in the oil and gas industry” totaling almost $20,000 the group said.” (Chris Potter, “Did McGinty Blow Smoke On Fossil-Fuel Support?Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/1/16)
  • Democrat Opponent John Fetterman Launched An Attack Ad Claiming McGinty Has Received $198,600 From The Oil and Gas Industries Over The Last Three Years. (“FACT CHECK: Oil and Gas Money,” John Fetterman for Senate, 2/2/2016)



RNC Email:“Wrong Envelope”? Clinton Misleads On Ties To Fossil Fuel Industry

Today, At A Town Hall Event In New Hampshire, Clinton Denied Taking Campaign Money From The Fossil Fuel Industry, Saying Any Donations She Received “Must Have Put It In The Wrong Envelope…” QUESTIONER: “Hello, thank you for being with us this afternoon. You’ve taken many strong stands and actions for human rights, women’s rights, and education in your campaign. These are actions which Republicans have often overlooked or ignored. You’ve also said that you support renewable energy in our country but have taken over $150,000 from the big oil and gas industries. These are industries which are in direct conflict with your interest in renewable energies, and I’m wondering if you’d be willing to take one step further away from the Republicans and take a stand against any more [garbled] campaign contributions from them?” CLINTON: “Yeah, I don’t even know what you’re referring to, but big oil knows I’m not their friend, so I can’t imagine. They must have put it in the wrong envelope, because I’ve been very clear about that. And I want to take away all their subsidies, I’ve been public about that. We’re going to move those $6 billion a year into clean renewable energy. You know, I will certainly take a hard look at that. It is not something that I’ve paid any attention to, because they know where I stand, and they know what I will do.” (Hillary Clinton, Remarks At Town Hall, Dover, NH, 2/3/16)


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Clinton Blew Off A Request From The Nation And 350 Action For Presidential Candidates To Pledge Not To Take Money From The Fossil Fuel Industry, A Pledge Both Of Her Democratic Opponents Signed. “Politically engaged environmental activists say Clinton has yet to prove herself. One example came when 350 Action, an affiliate of the environmental group founded by McKibben, joined the liberal magazine The Nation in asking candidates to swear off campaign money from the fossil-fuel industry: Sanders signed on early, and O’Malley followed suit Tuesday. But “Hillary Clinton, like the 14 Republican candidates contacted, did not reply” to the request, the magazine wrote.” (Elana Schor, “Can Hillary Clinton Lead The Keystone Army?” Politico, 7/11/15)

Clinton’s Campaign Has Accepted Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From The Fossil Fuel Industry

This Election Cycle, Clinton Has Accepted $226,554 From PACs And Individuals In The Oil And Gas Industry. (Center For Responsive Politics, Accessed 2/3/16)

Clinton Has Received Direct Campaign Contributions From Several Prominent Executives In The Fossil Fuel Industry. “Clinton also got contributions from others involved in the fossil fuel business. Her campaign received $2,700 from BP America’s Mary Streett, formerly the top lobbyist for the nuclear power utility Exelon. Anadarko Petroleum lawyers Amanda McMillan and Richard Lapin each gave $2,700. Sarah Venuto and Martin Durbin, both lobbyists for America’s Natural Gas Alliance, the top gas industry lobbying group, gave $2,910 and $1,000, respectively. Celia Fischer, an America’s Natural Gas Alliance representative who is not a lobbyist, gave $2,700.” (Paul Blumenthal And Kate Sheppard, “Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists,” The Huffington Post, 7/17/15)

Clinton’s Campaign Bundlers Are Lobbyists For The Fossil Fuel Industry

Lobbyists That Represent The Fossil Fuel Industry Are Raising “Stacks Of Money” For Clinton’s Campaign. “Hillary Clinton took aim this week at the pharmaceutical industry and the Keystone oil pipeline. But that doesn’t mean the Democratic presidential front-runner isn’t enjoying the support of lobbyists representing drug and oil companies in Washington, many of whom are helping raise stacks of money for her campaign.” (Catherine Ho, “Clinton Takes Aim At Pharma, Keystone – But Industry Lobbyists Still Provide Campaign Cash,” The Washington Post’s Power Post , 9/24/15)

“Nearly All Of The Lobbyists Bundling Contributions” For Clinton Have “At One Time Or Another Worked For The Fossil Fuel Industry.” “Nearly all of the lobbyists bundling contributions for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign have at one time or another worked for the fossil fuel industry.” (Paul Blumenthal And Kate Sheppard, “Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists,” The Huffington Post, 7/17/15)

Clinton’s Bundlers Have Worked To “Curb Climate Change, Advocated For Offshore Drilling, Or Sought Government Approval For Natural Gas Exports.” A list of 40 registered lobbyists that the Clinton camp disclosed to the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday revealed a number of Democratic Party lobbyists who have worked against regulations to curb climate change, advocated for offshore drilling, or sought government approval for natural gas exports.” (Paul Blumenthal And Kate Sheppard, “Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Campaign Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists,” The Huffington Post, 7/17/15)