Tom Wolf’s Disastrous First Year: Pennsylvania’s Low Self-Esteem

Wolf Low Self Esteem
Governor Tom Wolf tries to explain his belief that Pennsylvania’s
biggest problem is “low self-esteem” as other Governors laugh.

HARRISBURG — In anticipation of Tom Wolf’s anniversary as Governor, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania is taking a look back on some of the major issues that occurred during his first year in office.

Today, we look into Wolf’s description of Pennsylvania’s biggest issue as its “low self-esteem.”

“If you want evidence of how out of touch Tom Wolf is with Pennsylvanians, just look at his claim that our Commonwealth’s biggest problem is ‘low self-esteem.’ Even when a governor from another state tried to brag about us, Tom Wolf fired back by claiming Pennsylvania was an ‘underachiever.’ Pennsylvanians should not have to rely on the heads of other states to defend our Commonwealth from our own Governor. Sadly, Tom Wolf spent more time in his first months in office discussing low self-esteem and space aliens than developing a responsible budget for Pennsylvania.”– PA GOP Communications Director Megan Sweeney

Tom Wolf’s Low Self-Esteem Problem

On February 21st, at a National Governor’s Association panel discussion in D.C., Governor Wolf stated that the biggest economic challenge that Pennsylvania faces is its “low self-esteem.” (Kevin Zwick, “Pennsylvania has a ‘low self-esteem’ problem, Wolf says.,” Capitolwire, 2/23/2015)

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker tried to defend the people of Pennsylvania, but Governor Wolf would not allow it.

The audience at the event thought that Wolf’s response was meant to be a joke and began laughing. “Wolf reassured them that he was serious, ‘it’s not that funny, it wasn’t a laugh line.’” (John Micek, “What’s Pennsylvania’s biggest problem? Its self-esteem, Wolf says at national governors’ meeting,” Harrisburg Patriot News, 2/23/2015)

Wolf defends his comments with…space aliens. “Asked to elaborate on self-esteem, Wolf demonstrated his new role as the state’s top cheerleader. He said that if a space alien visited the United States and was given a list of the assets of each state, ‘that alien would look at the 50 sheets of paper and say, ‘Pennsylvania must be the dominant state. Obviously it’s the dominant state.”” (Jonathan Tamari, “Pennsylvania’s problem? Low self-esteem, Wolf says,The Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/25/2015)