Will Katie McGinty Join Her Campaign Chairman In Condemning Philadelphia’s “Sanctuary City” Status?

Kenney Defying Federal Policy By Designating Philadelphia as a “Sanctuary City”

HARRISBURG — Once again, Senate candidate Katie McGinty is refusing to take a position on an important issue facing Pennsylvanians, even though her own campaign chairman has already weighed in.

Days after Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced his decision to reinstate Philadelphia’s status as a “sanctuary city,” Democrat Senate candidate Katie McGinty is refusing to speak out against this crucial public safety issue.

“Mayor Kenney’s decision to make Philadelphia a sanctuary city against is in direct violation of federal policy,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney said.

“Katie McGinty’s own campaign chairman Ed Rendell sharply criticized Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status, so does she agree that Mayor Kenney should ‘obey the law’?”

“McGinty’s growing pattern of silence on the top issues facing our Commonwealth should serve as a warning for Pennsylvanians who are looking for leadership during these critical times.”

“No Comment Katie” Strikes Again

On Monday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney defied federal policy by reinstating Philadelphia’s status as a “sanctuary city.” “Mayor Kenney on Monday barred almost all cooperation between city law enforcement and federal immigration agents, reverting to a policy that made Philadelphia one of the nation’s ‘sanctuary cities.’” (Michael Matza, “Kenney restores ‘sanctuary city’ status,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/4/2016)

McGinty’s campaign Chairman: “I think we should obey the law.” “If I were Mayor, I wouldn’t do it. I think we should obey the law and remember, it’s the Obama Administration that’s enforcing the deportation laws. So, I think I would’ve not made us a sanctuary city.” (“Ed Rendell: Jim Kenney Wrong To Make Philadelphia A Sanctuary City,” KYW-TV , 1/5/2016)

McGinty’s campaign remains silent on the issue. (Nick Field, “PA-Sen: Toomey Attacks Kenney for Making Philly a “Sanctuary City,” PoliticsPA.com, 1/7/2016)