Wolf Administration’s Ignorance Kept Federal Money From Domestic Violence Shelters

HARRISBURG — Domestic violence centers across Pennsylvania weren’t able to access much-needed federal funds due to the ignorance of the Wolf Administration, according to a report from WPMT.

According to the report, the federal government had to step in to force Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration to release the federal funds. The report also states, “When pressed on why it took so long, the governor’s office admitted they did not know they had the authority to release federal funding without a state budget in place.

“Pennsylvanians needing domestic violence centers have now paid the price for the Wolf Administration’s ignorance,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “Republicans have spent months trying to release funds for domestic violence shelters and other non-profits during this budget crisis, only to be blocked by Tom Wolf and Harrisburg Democrats. Now we find out the Wolf Administration couldn’t even be bothered to find out if they could release federal funds to these domestic violence centers.

“Governor Tom Wolf owes Pennsylvanians some answers as to why his Administration refused to release these federal funds. Does he find it acceptable that his Administration chose to operate in willful ignorance while these domestic violence centers struggled? What other federal non-profit funds are being unnecessarily blocked because he doesn’t know any better? Claiming ignorance has not helped anyone, Governor Wolf.

“Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration has failed the domestic violence centers of Pennsylvania. It is time for Governor Tom Wolf to apologize to Pennsylvanians for making this budget crisis even worse.”