ICYMI: Toomey For Senate: New Website: Meet “Corporate” Katie McGinty And Joe “SaysTax”

Pat Toomey For Senate
Learn about “Corporate” Katie and Joe “SaysTax” at WhoIsWorse.com

Allentown, Pa. — The campaign of U.S. Senator Pat Toomey released a new website today inviting Pennsylvania voters to draw their own conclusion about one important question: When it comes down to “Corporate” Katie McGinty and Joe “SaysTax,” who is worse?

At “WhoIsWorse.com” voters can learn all about the lucrative revolving door deals “Corporate” Katie McGinty made while leveraging taxpayer dollars for personal gain. “Corporate” Katie gave away millions in taxpayer funded incentives to favored companies while serving as Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Once she left the DEP, many of the companies that benefited from “Corporate” Katie’s generosity returned the favor by awarding her plush, paid positions. Unfortunately, while “Corporate” Katie has laughed all the way to the bank, Pennsylvanians have been stuck holding the bag for multiple failed taxpayer funded projects she pushed through.

Not to be outdone, “WhoIsWorse.com” also shines a light on the extreme left-wing views and voting record of Joe “SaysTax.” While serving in the U.S. House, Joe “SaysTax” voted with Nancy Pelosi an astounding 98 percent of the time. During this time, “SaysTax” was also an avid supporter of huge tax-and-spend programs such as ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, and the bailouts.

Toomey spokesman Steve Kelly commented as such:

“As we soon enter the 2016 election year, there are no good Democratic options for voters in Pennsylvania. On one hand, you have “Corporate” Katie McGinty who used her influence at the DEP to feather her own nest with future employment opportunities. On the other hand, you have a left-wing ideologue in Joe “SaysTax” whose record is so extreme that he wants foreign terrorists removed from military prisons and given civilian trials in Pennsylvania.

“The key question for Democrats in Pennsylvania isn’t who is the better candidate. The key question is who is worse?”