NEW VIDEO: “Play By The Rules” Highlights David Wecht’s Questionable Judgment

Play by the Rules
Click here to view the PA GOP’s latest ad entitled “Play by the Rules.”

HARRISBURG — The Republican Party of Pennsylvania released a new video today which highlights questions surrounding David Wecht’s previous campaigns.

Entitled “Play by the Rules,” the video highlights witness testimony claiming Cyril Wecht used government resources to further the campaign of his son David. In a recent ad, David puts his father, Cyril Wecht, front and center claiming Cyril taught him about “playing fair and following the rules.”

“If David Wecht wants to claim Cyril Wecht taught him about ‘following the rules,’ then perhaps it’s time Pennsylvanians heard the full story,” Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney said. “During his public corruption trial, witnesses testified that Cyril Wecht forced taxpayer-funded staff to campaign for David Wecht on government time.

“The court has been under a dark cloud and we need to elect justices who have the full faith of the public to help reform our courts. With this history, how can we trust David Wecht to ‘play by the rules?’”

Below is a transcript of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s latest video, “Play by the Rules”:

Voice-over: “Have you seen this ad?”

David Wecht: “My dad taught me about playing fair and following the rules.” [1]

Voice-over: “Who’s he trying to fool?

“Cyril Wecht was indicted for public corruption. [2]

“Witnesses testified that Cyril ordered taxpayer-funded staff to campaign for David on government time.[3],[4],[5]

“Stop Wecht, Dougherty, and Donohue — politicians who plan by their own rules.”

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