Tom Wolf Vows To Continue Blocking Funding For Schools And Social Services

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s recent comments on Pennsylvania’s budget crisis.

“One person stopped our schools and social services from receiving their funding on-time this year, and that’s Tom Wolf,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf vetoed funding for our schools and social services because he wants to raise taxes on hard-working Pennsylvanians. Time and time again this summer, Tom Wolf has refused to consider alternatives to higher taxes at the expense of our schools and social services.”

“Pennsylvania families cannot afford to historic hikes in the income and sales tax. Our families should not have to pay more money for diapers, day care, and even caskets to fund the agenda of the ‘Most Liberal Governor in America’. It’s time for Tom Wolf to accept that not a single member of the General Assembly has voted to support his budget plan, stop his petty games, and start having substantive discussions with Republicans in the General Assembly.”