Out Of Touch: Tom Wolf Hides Staff Pay Raises

HARRISBURG — In response to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s report that detailed Governor Tom Wolf’s decision to give huge salary increases to his top officials, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement.

“As one of his first acts in office, Governor Tom Wolf is digging into taxpayers’ pockets a little deeper for pay raises,” Gleason said. “Governor Wolf has spent weeks complaining about Pennsylvania’s budget deficit, but it only took him a few days in office to take care of his people at the expense of all Pennsylvania taxpayers.

“What type of message does it send to Pennsylvanians when Governor Wolf is calling for higher taxes but gives his friends pay raises with our money? Why wasn’t Tom Wolf open and transparent about his staff’s pay raises, instead of hiding it from the public?

“It’s time for Governor Tom Wolf to explain how hiding pay raises, tampering with the Open Records office and playing politics with appointments are going to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians.”

According to a report in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Governor Tom Wolf ended his predecessor’s freeze on cost-of-living adjustments for top officials in his Administration, increasing their salaries by more than $12,700. (Melissa Daniels, “Wolf appointees will make more than predecessors under Corbett,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2/3/2015)