That Was Fast! Wolf Turns On The ‘Diligent And Honorable’ McCord

Another Week, Another Embarrassing Whoops for Wolf

HARRISBURG — In response to Governor Tom Wolf rescinding his support for Treasurer Rob McCord amid reports of an investigation into the alleged theft of campaign dollars, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement.

“The Wolf administration’s stumbles continued this week with embarrassing questions about support for Treasurer Rob McCord.” Sweeney said. “Governor Tom Wolf was quick to praise Rob McCord for ‘diligently and honorably serving’ the Commonwealth in the morning, but scapegoated him in the afternoon. Whether it’s his lack of judgment when it comes to injecting politics into the Open Records office, bringing back Ed Rendell’s politics as usual approach to appointments or dropping Rob McCord like a hot potato, it’s become evident that Tom Wolf is off to a terrible start as Governor, and Pennsylvanians are taking notice.

“Governor Wolf could stand by his McCord support or admit he was being disingenuous. Either way, it’s time for Governor Tom Wolf to come clean.”

Governor Wolf Praised Rob McCord In the Morning…

After Treasurer Rob McCord resigned from office yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf was quick to praise his former primary opponent for ‘diligently and honorably serving’ the Commonwealth.

Then Ditched Him in the Afternoon…

After reports surfaced of a federal investigation into Rob McCord’s alleged involvement with the theft of “campaign and other funds,” Governor Wolf’s Office quickly rescinded their support for the soon-to-be former Treasurer.