PA GOP Deputy Chair Renee Amoore Headlines Press Conference Regarding President Obama’s Trip To Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Deputy Chair Renee Amoore and new Republican Malik Boyd spoke out about the failed policies of President Barack Obama and the Democrats at a press conference today at the Penn’s View Hotel in Philadelphia.

“We are here today because it’s become clear that President Obama has decided to ignore the message that Americans sent to him in the General Election this past November,” Amoore said. “At a time when Americans are working hard to make ends meet, President Obama and the Democrats have decided to spend historic amounts of our money to expand the size of our government.

“We must continue to fight to ensure that the government gets out of the way of job creators instead of hindering them,” Amoore said.

“President Obama and his Party have certainly paid a political price for his extreme policies,” Boyd said. “Under his Administration, our debt and deficit have skyrocketed, and as a result, the President is speaking to the lowest number of House Democrats in eight decades.

“It is my sincere hope that our President and House Democrats lend a soft ear and agree to good legislation from our new Republican majority in Congress,” Boyd concluded.