Does Tom Wolf Want To “Transition” Coal Jobs Out Of Existence?

HARRISBURG — In response to Rob McCord’s support of measures aimed at a “transition” away from coal, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement.

“Does Tom Wolf want Pennsylvania’s coal jobs to ‘transition’ out of existence like his good friend Rob McCord?” Gleason asked. “For months, Tom Wolf has refused to speak out against President Obama’s War on Coal, even as it puts the jobs of tens of thousands of Pennsylvania’s coal workers at risk. In fact, Tom Wolf promised to impose a regional cap-and-trade program on Pennsylvania during his campaign, regardless of its effect on Pennsylvania jobs.

“How many coal jobs have to be lost before Tom Wolf and Rob McCord have satisfied their far-left special interest allies?

“It’s time for Tom Wolf to stop supporting initiatives that put the livelihoods of Pennsylvanians at risk and start fighting for coal jobs.”

Today, Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord voiced his support for a “transition” away from coal. In particular, he voiced his support for “special incentives to transition away from a dependence on coal.” (Mary Kuhlman, “State Official: PA Will Benefit from Embracing Clean Power,” Public News Service, 1/12/2015)

Tom Wolf has announced plans to impose emissions caps in Pennsylvania as well as enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. (Climate Change, Tom Wolf For Governor, Accessed 5/20/2014)

Pennsylvania’s coal industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, and contributes $7 billion to our state’s economy. (“ENERGY = JOBS, Pennsylvania State Energy Plan,” Office of the Governor, January 2014, Accessed 6/2/2014) (“The Economic Contributions of U.S. Mining (2011),” National Mining Association, September 2013, Accessed 6/2/2014), (“Comments Before the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,” Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, 12/16/2013)