Wolf Campaign Doubles Down On Attack On PA National Guard

Wolf Campaign Anti National Guard Tweets

Wolf’s Campaign for a Fresh Start spokesman Mike Mikus says his offensive comments regarding veterans did not address “today’s guard.” The Fresh Start spokesman recently equated joining the PA National Guard with dodging the draft.

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Wolf campaign’s continued attacks on Pennsylvania’s National Guard.

“The time has come for Tom Wolf to stand up and put an end to his campaign’s repeated attacks on the PA National Guard,” Gleason said. “For two days, Tom Wolf has remained silent while his campaign has equated joining the PA National Guard with dodging the draft. Today, Wolf’s campaign spokesman clarified Tuesday’s comments by noting that he was only criticizing veterans. Since Tom Wolf has refused to comment on his campaign awful comments, we can only assume he is comfortable with his campaign’s attacks on veterans.

“The statements made by the Wolf campaign regarding the Pennsylvania National Guard are highly offensive. It’s time for Tom Wolf to send a message that such behavior against our veterans is unacceptable and call for the resignation of any party who has attacked Pennsylvania veterans.”