Ed Rendell Calls On Tom Wolf To Provide Details Of His Income Tax Plan

HARRISBURG — In response to Governor Ed Rendell’s call for Tom Wolf to explain his income tax proposal, Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement.

“Even Ed Rendell thinks it’s time for Tom Wolf to come clean about the details of his tax hikes,” Gleason said. “Tom Wolf has pledged to raise income taxes on hardworking Pennsylvania families, although he refuses to say exactly how much of our money he wants to spend. In short, Tom Wolf wants Pennsylvanians to support his plan to take their money without saying how much he’s taking.

“If Tom Wolf won’t listen to other Pennsylvania voters’ calls for his details on his tax hike, maybe he’ll listen to his former boss and mentor Ed Rendell. It’s time for Tom Wolf to come clean with the public and provide the details regarding his income tax proposal.”

Today, The Washington Times reported that former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has called on Tom Wolf to explain his income tax proposal, stating, “Once he said it, he’s got to stand by it and explain what his goal is…I think he’s got to explain that.” (David Boyer, “Tom Wolf poised to buck trend, unseat Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett,” The Washington Times, 10/6/2014)