TWO FOR TWO: Corbett Wins Second Debate

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason congratulated Governor Tom Corbett on winning his second gubernatorial debate of the campaign cycle this morning.

“Governor Tom Corbett is the only candidate in this race who’s ready to move Pennsylvania forward,” Gleason said. “Four years ago, Tom Corbett was left to clean up the fiscal mess left by Democrats who raided our state’s education budget and covered their tracks with temporary federal dollars. During his time in office, Governor Corbett increased education spending, kept taxes low, and created more than 180,000 new private sector jobs.

“Once again, Tom Wolf was shown to be completely out of his depth when it comes to addressing Pennsylvania’s toughest issues. Tom Wolf knows he wants to raise taxes on Pennsylvania families, but he won’t provide any hard facts and figures to the voters. Wolf continues to deny the existence of our state pension crisis, even as it reaches $50 billion. In fact, Tom Wolf has resorted to lying about Governor Corbett’s record on state education spending in order to score cheap political points and further his far-left agenda.

“Today, voters had the chance to see the difference between a proven leader like Tom Corbett and a candidate who’s refusing to even recognize Pennsylvania’s biggest challenges. I congratulate Tom Corbett on his second consecutive debate victory, and I look forward to working hard to re-electing him and Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley next month.”