PA GOP Members Look To Election Day After Energy-Filled Fall Meeting

HARRISBURG — Governor Tom Corbett, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, Congressman Tom Marino, State Senator Scott Wagner, and State Representative John Taylor headlined the list of speakers who fired up the crowd at today’s PA GOP Fall Meeting. The Fall Meeting serves as the final time the full Republican Party of Pennsylvania will meet before the General Election on November 4th.

“The Republican grassroots network is fired up and ready to get to work electing and re-electing our strong Republican ticket this November,” PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason said. “After a record-setting Fall Dinner last evening featuring Governor Tom Corbett and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, our Party Members brought their enthusiasm to our wonderful Fall Meeting today.

“Our grassroots network is the best in the nation, and they’re enthusiastic about heading back out into their local communities and sharing the Republican message of individual freedom and economic opportunity with their friends and neighbors.

“With 38 days to go before Election Day, our Party is leaving our Fall Meeting excited to elect Governor Tom Corbett, Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, and our Congressional, state Senate, state House candidates.”