Tom Wolf Lies To The Voters On Governor Corbett’s Record

2014-15 Budget
State education spending has increased under Governor Corbett.

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Democrat nominee Tom Wolf’s new ad in which he directly lies to Pennsylvania voters about Governor Corbett’s record spending on education.

“It’s deeply troubling to see Tom Wolf lie to the voters of Pennsylvania about education spending,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf has let an extreme liberal billionaire and his shadowy pseudo-political party lie to the voters about Tom Corbett’s record on education. After months of lying about running a negative campaign, Tom Wolf is now lying about Tom Corbett’s record on education.

“Tom Wolf’s old boss Ed Rendell and his Democrat cronies raided the state’s education budget and covered their tracks with one-time federal stimulus dollars. Governor Corbett has increased state education spending every year he’s been in office. That Tom Wolf and his liberal special interest buddies are resorting to lies demonstrates how desperate to stop Tom Wolf’s freefall in the polls.

“Tom Wolf owes Pennsylvania voters an apology for lying to their face about state education spending, and should immediately take down this false ad.”

In a new ad, Tom Wolf claims that Governor Corbett “cut $1 billion from schools.” In fact, state education spending has increased every year Governor Corbett has been in office. More information can be accessed on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website here.