FLASHBACK: Tom Wolf Talks War On Coal

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s comments last month regarding the War on Coal.

“Tom Wolf views Pennsylvania’s coal industry as a problem, not a job creator,” Gleason said. “At a time when the Obama Administration is launching a full-scale War on Coal, Tom Wolf has turned his back on Pennsylvania’s coal jobs. Tom Wolf would rather appease far-left special interest groups than help to grow Pennsylvania’s coal industry.

“Governor Tom Corbett is working to grow our economy and create jobs, Tom Wolf is supporting an agenda that will put Pennsylvania jobs at risk. Why does Tom Wolf want to take us back to the days of fewer jobs and higher taxes?

“We’re proud to stand with Governor Corbett as he fights back against President Obama and Tom Wolf’s War on Coal and fights for Pennsylvania jobs.”

At an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council last month, Tom Wolf stated, “One day, the carbon-based energy system that we rely on now will be a thing of the past.” (Tom Wolf Comments, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, 6/13/2014)

According to 2012 report by the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, Pennsylvania has 25 billion tons of bituminous coal and an additional 7 billion tons of anthracite coal reserves, allowing our coal industries to continue for decades. (“Pennsylvania’s Cold Hard Facts: 2012,” Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, Accessed 6/12/2014)