Democrat Senate Leader Costa To PA: Let’s Suppress The Vote!

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding comments made by state Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board regarding the Democrats’ efforts to depress Republican turnout this November.

“Senator Costa’s admission that Democrats are trying to keep Republicans from voting this November is unbelievable,” Sweeney said. “Senator Costa and the Democrats would rather discourage Pennsylvanians from voicing their opinions than convince them to support a no-budget, no pension reform platform. Senator Costa and the Democrats’ belief that the best way to win is to suppress the vote is exactly why they do not have the majority in the state Senate.

“As the leader of the Democrats, does Tom Wolf agree with his Party’s strategy aimed at keeping Republicans out of the voting booth? Are the Democrats so out-of-touch with Pennsylvanians that they’ve turned to discouraging them from voting as a last resort?

“Senator Costa’s comments serve as another reason why the Democrats are not ready to lead Pennsylvania.”

Today, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that Senator Minority Leader Jay Costa told a panel of editors and reporters “that the Democratic Party aims to swing the Senate using a two-pronged strategy: Make sure disgruntled Republicans stay home, and convince Democrats that ‘the incumbent Republican is tied at the hip of the governor.’” (Natasha Lindstrom, “Costa: Democrats can take state Senate if Wolf expands lead over Corbett,” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/24/14)