Tom Wolf The Hypocrite: Pension Reform

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s hypocrisy regarding Pennsylvania’s worsening pension crisis.

“Tom Wolf’s opposition to pension reform doesn’t extend to his own organization,” Sweeney said. “While Tom Wolf opposes shifting new employees to a 401(k) plan if they’re paid by the taxpayers, he had no problem with using a similar plan to new employees of his own business. If he believes that 401 (k) plans are so bad, why did he allow them to continue at his own business? Why does Wolf support a 401(k) plan for his own employees, but not new government workers?

“The fact of the matter is that Tom Wolf is bought and paid for by Pennsylvania’s public sector unions, and will do or say whatever their leadership wants. As state pension costs cripple our school districts and drive up property taxes, millionaire Tom Wolf is content to do what millions of Pennsylvanians can no longer afford to do — look the other way.”

Tom Wolf’s Hypocrisy on PA’s Pension Crisis

Tom Wolf Opposes Current Plans to Address PA’s $47 Billion Pension Crisis “[TomWolf] believes that a defined benefit retirement plan is the most effective tool for ensuring that our public workers have a financially secure retirement.” (“Workers’ Rights,”, Accessed 7/24/14)

But Tom Wolf Allowed A Similar Pension System To Take Place In His Business “We have a defined benefit plan that has been terminated but it’s still in place and we … decided to move to a 401(k), so we have both.” (Chris Comisac, “POINT OF ORDER: The two Toms – Corbett and Wolf — two peas of the same pod on pensions?,”, 5/5/14)

Tom Wolf Refuses To Put Forth His Own Pension Plan “Wolf was less specific when asked about pension reform.” “But Wolf did not elaborate on how the state would balance its pension books.” (Margaret Gibbons, “Gov. candidate Tom Wolf visits Montgomery County,” Bucks County Courier Times, 7/11/14), (Rob Vickers, “Tom Wolf’s business-friendly background doesn’t sway some business leaders at Press Club luncheon,” Harrisburg Patriot-News, 2/24/14)

Tom Wolf Has Received $1.1 Million in Campaign Funds from Public Sector Unions Outside of himself, his family and his employees, Wolf’s main funding source has been teachers unions. Combined, Wolf received more than $1.1 million from five teachers unions. (Eric Holmberg “Corbett TV ad blitz seeks to ‘change the narrative’,” PublicSource, 7/24/2014)