Tom Wolf’s Outsourcing Problem

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s “Made in Pennsylvania” manufacturing tour.

“If Tom Wolf wants to bring more manufacturing jobs to Pennsylvania, perhaps he should start with his own organization,” Gleason said. “Tom Wolf has spent weeks talking about Pennsylvania’s growing manufacturing sector, but it seems like he always forgets to mention how his Organization makes most of its products in other states. Like with so many aspects of Tom Wolf’s record, the reality doesn’t match the glossy television ad.

“Why did Tom Wolf ship manufacturing jobs out of Pennsylvania? What led him to choose to invest in another state’s economy over Pennsylvania’s? Why does Tom Wolf feel the need to outsource his organization out of the Commonwealth?

“Over the course of the past three and a half years, Tom Corbett’s policies have created more than 178,000 private sector jobs, and made Pennsylvania a leader in manufacturing. Tom Corbett is fully committed to putting Pennsylvania back to work, and as a result our unemployment rate stands well below the national average.

“If Tom Wolf wants to promote Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector, he needs to explain why he’d rather bring manufacturing jobs to other states before our Commonwealth.”

In 2011, Tom Wolf bragged about the Wolf Organization’s presence in other states, stating, “For example, our Wolf Classic Cabinets are made in Indiana by American workers using American components. Our PVC Trim boards are made in Texas and Alabama; our decking is made in Florida; our porch flooring is made in New Jersey; and our cultured marble tops are made in Pennsylvania.” (Tom Wolf, “Made in the USA Still Makes Sense,”, 7/21/2011, Accessed 7/8/2014)