Tom Wolf Tries To Spin His Way Out Of Admitting To Politicking In Philly City Hall

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s secret, closed-door meeting with members of Philadelphia’s City Council at City Hall.

“No amount of spin will change the fact that Tom Wolf admitted to doing a political meeting using Philadelphia City Hall,” Sweeney said.

“Now, Wolf’s campaign is trying to cover up their shady behavior saying the secret meeting topics were ‘broad key issues facing Pennsylvania.’ Why won’t they come clean about the specifics? Why did they feel the need to hold the meeting behind closed doors in City Hall? If they’re not discussing political issues or strategizing about official business, what was going on in this meeting?

“Tom Wolf needs to answer for his actions and disclose exactly what was discussed in that meeting.”

After news broke of a meeting between Tom Wolf and members of Philadelphia’s City Council behind closed doors in City Hall, the Wolf campaign said that the attendees “talked broadly about the key issues facing Pennsylvania and what needs to be done to make Pennsylvania the great state it can be.”

However, when asked by reporters what they talked about in the meeting immediately following the meeting, Tom Wolf said, “Just that I really hope I can get their support and that we can work together and make Pennsylvania the great state it can be.” (Sean Collins Walsh & Jenny DeHuff, “Tom Wolf visits Philly City Council,” Philadelphia Daily News, June 6, 2014)