Will PA Dems Admit Vote To Ban Natural Gas Drilling Was A Mistake?

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s stance on natural gas drilling.

“When will the Pennsylvania Democratic Party admit their vote to ban natural gas drilling was a mistake,” Gleason said. “In Pennsylvania, energy equals jobs, and last year the Democratic Party voted to ban one of Pennsylvania’s fastest growing job creators. Natural gas has played an important role in the recovery of our Commonwealth, but apparently the Democrats want to halt that progress altogether.

“Governor Tom Corbett is working hard to grow our energy industry in a responsible manner. Under Governor Tom Corbett, our natural gas industry has created jobs, grown our economy, and revitalized towns and communities all across our Commonwealth. Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry is one of the great stories of our economic recovery, and it’s a shame that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party wants to eliminate that success.

“Do the Pennsylvania Democrats still stand by their resolution calling for a halt to one of Pennsylvania’s fastest growing industries? Will they vote to repeal their ban on natural gas drilling at a future meeting?

“It’s time for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party to join with the majority of voters in supporting natural gas drilling in our Commonwealth.”

Last June, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party voted in support of a ban on natural gas drilling. (Rob Vickers, “Democrats square off over call for fracking moratorium in Pennsylvania,” Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/17/2013)