PA-6: Democrats See Republican Momentum

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney released the following statement regarding DCCC’s diminishing support for Pennsylvania Democrats.

“Pennsylvania is a national leader with our 13 Republican-held Congressional seats. Our strength continues to be the outstanding members and candidates that have forced the Democrats to pick up and move on to other races. It appears that the Democrats have decided to abandon ship in the Sixth Congressional District because Pennsylvanians are rejecting their platform of higher taxes, increased spending and more Obamacare.”

Republican Ryan Costello Gains Momentum…

Costello Is ‘On The Radar’
Ryan Costello’s selection as an ‘On The Radar’ candidate by the National Republican Congressional Committee signifies the first step in the NRCC’s Young Guns program. The NRCC’s Young Guns program allows candidates and their campaigns to run effective, successful and winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball Moves PA-6 To “Leans Republican”
However, candidate recruitment hasn’t gone the way they hoped: National Democrats were hoping that businessman Mike Parrish would be their candidate, but he dropped out last month, leaving physician Manan Trivedi as the likely nominee. Gerlach scored 57% of the vote against Trivedi in both 2010 and 2012, by far the two strongest of his six victories in this swingy seat, which was made more Republican in post-2010 redistricting. Moreover, Republicans feel good about their candidate, Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello (R). This seat now LEANS REPUBLICAN. (Kyle Kondik “Ratings Changes: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia,” Sabato’s Crystal Ball, 4/10/14)

Democrats Moving on…Again

2010: “The National Party has largely passed over Trivedi’s race in order to dump money elsewhere.”
By October the DCCC was nowhere to be found… the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote: “But the national party has largely passed over Trivedi’s race in order to dump money elsewhere.” — (Joelle Farrell, “Dem Trivedi vows to ise his physician insight in Congress,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/28/10)

2012: Democrats abandon Trivedi again:
“… local Democratic challengers are lagging behind incumbent Republicans around Philly, unlikely to achieve upsets and national Democrats have decided to devote their resources to more promising races elsewhere… Combined, the two decisions mean that the national campaign arm for Democratic House candidates won’t be up on the air to help in four races that had been named top targets for Democrats trying to gain ground in Congress.” (Jonathan Tamari, “Dems cancel more ads in House races,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/16/12)

2014: DCCC Goes All In…On Another Candidate: “
Marc Brumer, a spokesman for Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee called Parrish ‘a strong candidate,’ and said he’s the only one the DCCC is talking to.” (Dave Davies, “National Democrats like first-time candidate in 6th Congressional race, WHYY, 1/27/14)

Once Parrish Dropped Out, the DCCC Backed Away from PA-6:
In an interview with Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward lists their top races in the 2014 election cycle. PA-6 is not mentioned. (Harvard Institute of Politics, “3 with IOP: DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward,” YouTube, 3/31/14)

PA-6 No Longer A Highlighted Race For Democrats:
Yesterday, a joint memo from the DCCC and DSCC included a list of targeted races, which did not include PA-6. (DCCC and DSCC, “Memo: Budget Vote Puts House and Senate Republicans in a Bind,” 4/8/14)