Tax Man Tom Wolf’s Taxing Shell Game

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Tom Wolf’s proposals regarding the sales tax and income tax.

“It looks like Tom Wolf has reverted back to his old tax-raising tricks,” Gleason said. “The only way Tom Wolf knows how to lower taxes is by raising other taxes. As Ed Rendell’s Chief Tax Collector, Tom Wolf openly pushed for a 17% increase in the sales tax. Now, Tom Wolf is touting plans to raise our sales taxes and personal income taxes.

“While Tom Wolf wants to raise our taxes, Tom Corbett is working to bring fiscal commonsense to our government. Governor Corbett has protected our taxpayer dollars by reducing the size of our government to its lowest point in 50 years. Unlike Tom Wolf, Tom Corbett realizes that Pennsylvanians know how to spend their money better than their government.

“Pennsylvanians simply cannot afford to have Tom Wolf take us back to the days of explosive taxing and spending.”

Today, the Scranton Times-Tribune reported that Tom Wolf’s plan to address the real estate tax “would increase the 3.07 percent income tax or the 6 percent sales tax.” (Borys Krawczenuik, “Wolf plans education focus if elected governor,” Scranton Times-Tribune, 3/27/14)