D Team ALERT: D Team Fails To Gain Support Of Pennsylvania Democrats

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding the D Team’s inability to gain the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

“Even the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has decided to pass on supporting the lackluster group of candidates known as the D Team,” Gleason said. “For months, the D Team has tried and failed to win over their liberal base with the promise of more taxes, more government and more ObamaCare. After an endless amount of debates, Pennsylvania Democrats have decided to take a pass on all of their gubernatorial candidates.

“No wonder Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Burn lamented the fact that there’s no ‘secret’ alternative in the primary. Deep down, Democrats know they’re stuck with a lackluster group of candidates whose views are way out of line with voters. The D Team is too lackluster for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, and too liberal for Pennsylvania.”

Yesterday, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania unveiled www.DTeam2014.com, a site dedicated to exposing the truth about the plethora of Democrat gubernatorial candidates.