PA GOP Announces New “D Team” Website For Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement announcing the creation of “The D Team,” a website dedicated to the lackluster group of Democrat gubernatorial candidates.

“ is a resource for all Pennsylvanians who want to learn the truth about the Democrats’ lackluster group of gubernatorial candidates,” Gleason said. “It’s no secret that the Democrats are less than enthused about their gubernatorial candidates this year, especially since they all share the same agenda of higher taxes, more government spending and more ObamaCare. Even Vice President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who are currently short on friends due to the ObamaCare disaster, didn’t want to be seen in public with the D Team yesterday.

“While these candidates continue their contest to see who’s the most liberal among them, we thought Pennsylvanians deserved an easy-to-use resource to learn the real facts about these radical liberals. will contain up-to-the-minute information that Pennsylvanians need to know about the Democrats running for Governor. Whether it’s a plan for new taxes, another attack on our energy jobs or their continued support for ObamaCare, we will be ready to get the word out to voters across Pennsylvania.” is a one-stop resource for all the latest news regarding the Democrat gubernatorial candidates. Users will be able to read news articles, watch videos, and use social media to spread the truth about the D Team’s liberal agenda.