Flip-Flop Alert: Schwartz’s Radical Decision To Leave The Third Way

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Communications Director Megan Sweeney was not surprised to learn that Allyson Schwartz has left the so-called centrist organization The Third Way.

“Today, Allyson Schwartz proved that she will do whatever it takes to appease her extreme liberal base,” Sweeney said. “After months of denying it, Allyson Schwartz has finally embraced her status as a tax-and-spend radical liberal. Now she can tout her new taxes and plans for increased government spending without worrying about keeping up a centrist façade.

“Pennsylvanians need only to look at her record in Congress to see Allyson Schwartz’s extreme liberal agenda. Only radical liberals such as Allyson Schwartz would vote for a disastrous law like ObamaCare, which raises taxes, kills jobs and drives a government-sized wedge between patients and their doctors.

“As the Democrats’ race to the extreme left continues, Allyson Schwartz will keep proving that she’s as much of a radical liberal as the rest of her fellow candidates.”

Allyson Schwartz Was For The Third Way…

According to its website, the Third Way is a think tank that represents the “vital center,” and touts “pragmatic solutions and principled compromise.”

After an opinion piece from the organization’s president and director of policy criticized the extreme liberal policies of fellow Democrat Elizabeth Warren, Allyson Schwartz’s spokesman Mark Bergman confirmed that the Congresswoman would maintain her affiliation with the organization.

Before She Was Against It

Today, “a source close to Schwartz’s campaign” told Laura Clawson of The Daily Kos that “She has resigned her positions with Third Way and the New Democratic Coalition effective immediately, as well as her seat on the House Budget Committee.”