Rob McCord Uses Treasurer’s Office For Political Gain

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason was not surprised to find that State Treasurer Rob McCord was once again misusing his elected office for his own gain.

“Rob McCord has had no luck breaking through the Democrat Field but that is no excuse for using the State Treasurer’s Office as a second campaign headquarters,” Gleason said. “Rob McCord’s brazen habit of wasting taxpayers’ money sending out campaign-like emails is both ridiculous and unethical. The role of the State Treasurer is to focus on our Commonwealth’s finances, not provide Rob McCord with an extra soapbox to spout his partisan attacks.

“Do Rob McCord’s Democrat opponents feel comfortable with his decision to use state resources as campaign resources? Why have they not spoken out against Rob McCord’s continued misuse of the State Treasurer’s Office? Would the other Democrat candidates send out similar emails from a state office?

“It’s time for Rob McCord to stop his taxpayer-funded, partisan attacks and start acting like a State Treasurer.”

On December 30, the Office of the State Treasurer distributed a rhetoric-filled press release following the announcement that Pennsylvania will not continue to pursue the Lottery Private Management Agreement. Rob McCord previously used the Office of the State Treasurer’s taxpayer-funded press office to tout his preferred education policy.