McCord: Republicans Aren’t Dumb; They Are Stupid.

It is time for Democrats to Condemn the Latest Addition to the ‘Crazy Eight’

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Gleason Released the following statement on Rob McCord referring to Republicans as “dumb” and “stupid.”

“In his first two days as an official candidate, Rob McCord chose to attack the Governor, attack the Democratic frontrunner, attack Republicans, and has yet to defend his paper-thin record which is not ready for higher office. Someone should tell McCord that calling Republicans ‘dumb’ and then replacing it by using the word ‘stupid’ is not as easy as just saying ‘I’m sorry.’ If Pennsylvanians knew who McCord was, they would be outraged by his childish name calling, but since his name recognition is so low, it has been more like a tree falling in the woods.”

“If Rob McCord’s campaign continues to tumble, he just further proves that the ‘Crazy Eight’ Democratic gubernatorial primary is really just ‘Allyson and the Seven Dwarfs.’”

McCord: Republicans aren’t dumb; they are stupid.

The short version is that he regrets using the word “dumb” when referring to some Republicans, but thinks that Corbett is kowtowing to the Tea Party “stupid” to embrace their policies. He also said that Corbett is under-studious when it comes to government and not very knowledgeable about the policies he needs to master to be governor.

(DeCoursey, Peter. OFF THE FLOOR: McCord says ‘dumb Republicans’ a bad word choice. Then says what he meant. Capitolwire. September 26, 2013.)