McCord Stumbles Out The Gate

With zero record of accomplishment, the latest Democrat uses name calling as platform

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Gleason Released the following statement on Rob McCord referring to Republicans as “dumb.”

“Rob McCord has proved he is just not ready for primetime. He took a huge stumble out of the gate by calling Republicans names at his first campaign stop and insulting millions who have registered with the Party that believes more freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility is the best way forward for our Commonwealth. You would think he could come up with a better rationale for his campaign but Democrats remain frustrated by Governor Corbett’s steadfast leadership that has helped the private sector create 130,000 jobs.”

“Rob McCord should be better than childish name calling but we understand he has to keep up with the low standards being set by the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. As a disappointing Day 1 ends for Rob McCord, he should stick to his paper-thin record and reread the volumes of leftover, liberal playbooks that left our Commonwealth in billions of debt and is adding trillions of our debt nationally. Those runaway spending policies spearheaded by Democrats will remind voters that Rob McCord, Allyson Schwartz or any Democrat claiming the high ground on fiscal responsibility would be considered delusional.”