Democrats Should Look To Obama For Wasted Tax Money

HARRISBURG — Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement in response to Pennsylvania Democrats’ desperate attacks on Governor Corbett:
“Pennsylvania Democrats’ empty criticism of Governor Corbett promoting a major Pennsylvania event is surprising considering they have said nothing about President Obama’s multi-million dollar vacation.

“We hope Chairman Burn and Democrat candidates for Governor will denounce President Obama’s taxpayer-funded junket to Martha’s Vineyard with the same enthusiasm. While the president has used public stunts and gimmicks — like grounding the Blue Angels and kicking kids out of ‘their’ White House — he has still scrounged up enough of the taxpayers’ money to make a trip to the beach next week,” said Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason.

“Meanwhile, Governor Corbett closed a $4.2 billion budget deficit and continues to find ways to save taxpayer dollars. Growing Pennsylvania’s economy, promoting a thriving tourism industry and creating jobs are also among his top priorities. It’s exactly for those reasons the Governor accepted an official invite from the Pocono Raceway to promote the major economic impact of a top event facility and race that attracts thousands of Pennsylvanians and tourists each year.

“We eagerly await Pennsylvania Democrats to see if they will hold their party leader to their new standards.”